Creating clarity

and flow

Transformational Leaders can create continuous positive impact on all stakeholders beyond imagination.

We are ClearWater
Transformational Leadership Consultants

We work with boards, executive teams and individual leaders to support their businesses to flow and create value beyond what they can imagine. With innovative transformational practices, we enable leaders to renew themselves and thereby make a conscious choice how to manifest the purpose of their companies, in the service of all stakeholders.

Clients love our ability to create a space for openness and trust, where deep transformation takes place and great results are achieved. We work from our own hearts with curiosity, openness, co-creation, impact, presence & playfulness.

18 – 25 January 2025
Bergplaas – South Africa

We partner with organisations in three areas:

Culture and Purpose Transformations

Culture and Purpose Transformations

Top Team Renewal & Expansion Journeys

Top Team Renewal & Expansion Journeys

Leadership Development

Leadership Development (soon available)

When we transform,

through us our surroundings transform

and Magic starts to happen.

ClearWater is not your typical consulting firm…

We are the alternative. We role model the new way of organising. We do not aim to up your performance of the business in an unlimited way. We aim to create and grow your business in a way that the organisational system serves all living being in the world thereby creating more balance.

Karin Oeseburg and Welmoed Kronemeijer are the founders of ClearWater. Both are well rooted in business for 20 years (Shell, AkzoNobel, Rabobank) after which each started their own business in Organisational Culture Transformation and Coaching. Since beginning of 2020 they formed ClearWater where they combine their talents, experiences and background with an intrinsic motivation to facilitate leaders to a new level of awareness and insight for a new kind of businesses and impact on the world.

Our Story of ClearWater

Clear means clarity. When we lead with a clear mind and heart, we are able to see everything as it is, without anything in the way. We can then use all our senses to guide our leadership choices and our organisation. Even in light of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity of our context, we are clear, focused, adaptive and in flow with that context. 

Water means to us the starting place of movement and flow. In water is where life on earth started. Water is a life force where regeneration and birth happens.  All beings are between 70-90% water and has the ability to transform itself. Water can take on our intention through our thoughts. We, all human beings, have this ability to transform ourselves and be at choice in what we create.

Our context is changing. We know that the reason why organisations exist is changing. At ClearWater, it is our intention to create sustainable movement. Together with our clients, we expand the collective consciousness of people in organizations to serve the whole and co-create the world where all living beings can thrive.

What our clients say about us

“Clearwater has strongly helped our executive leadership in getting together as a team, raising the trust level and having open and honest conversations, thereby tackling any issues head-on. Welmoed and Karin are a very complementary team themselves, and are both gifted to find the sensitive areas in a gentle but clear manner, allowing the team members to build trust in a safe and constructive environment. For me personally, their coaching is making a daily difference in the way I address issues, interact with my employees and communicate my expectations. I strongly recommend Clearwater for any team building and individual coaching on executive level.”

Johan Feenstra, CEO Smart Photonics

“ClearWater has supported us in our transition from being a founder led company for almost four decades to becoming part of a global organisation, and renewing our executive team in navigating better during, and post the COVID-19 pandemic. This has resulted in our executive team stepping into a new way of leading, and role modelling this in the organisation.

Welmoed and Karin take time to really understand and relate to our executive team and the company’s culture before going into what we need and aim to improve. The genuine care and consistent follow up that was maintained with me for all the actions we had decided in our team and individual sessions has been a game changer. This makes ClearWater a valuable partner in growing our organisation.”

Umar Ashan Kan (CEO)

“ClearWater has been crucial in supporting us to define our leadership and take our place in the energy transition for the Netherlands as EBN CCUS. Through a team and wider CCUS leadership journey, we have grown in each of us taking ownership, increased confidence and clarity taking our place in partnerships and overall being more effective in our leadership internally and externally. What I see is that more and more people want to join us.

Intuitively, as a leader I know that the change I was about to lead is a journey and many things are unpredictable. Clearwater has supported me as leader in defining the journey step by step and enabling everyone in my team to take charge. Next to designing and leading the program with our input, Clearwater participates and sets the example. Thereby invites you immediately to work together in a new way through role-modeling, sharing observations. Very powerful indeed.”

Berte Simons (Program Director)

“Welmoed’s coaching has formed the beginning of a change in mindset in which I defined my personal, long-term strategic targets and reconciled these with those of the organization that employs me. She helped me redefine my leadership roles in which I unified the care and attention I want to give my team and that my team deserves, with my personal ambitions and strategy.

Welmoed’s style is pleasant, personal, interested, and intelligent. She efficiently and adequately finds the knots in your system, like an intellectual and emotional massage therapist. Her coaching has been very helpful in gaining professionality without losing humanity.”

Douwe van Hinsbergen (Professor)

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